Fiber Arts Friday: The Woes of Malabrigo Yarn

It seems like for awhile I had finished objects every Friday. But alas I am completely caught up on this blog and in Ravelry with all my knitting. Christmas knitting only took me until June to blog about, but now isn't my ravelry project page so fun! I think there were four that my screen shot couldn't catch. 25 projects. Makes me very happy indeed.

I have two pairs of socks on the needles but am itching to cast something different on. My daughter wants me to knit her a Bulle. She thinks she is going to wear it to her first day at her new school in Salt Lake City. I hate to break it to her that it is going to be too hot on August 21. But I still should probably have it done by then. I have three skeins of malabrigo merino worsted weight yarn in the lettuce color I purchase at my LYS after Christmas sale. I love the color and softness of the yarn. It will look great on my little red head. But I am a little hesitant because the malabrigo yarn I used to make Maeve's sweater (bottom row, left side) did not wear well. It looks much older than it is. Disappointing. Do I dare knit another sweater with malabrigo yarn?

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