Best Way to Follow Blogs

The rumors about google friend connect going away have me thinking about what the best way to follow blogs is. How to follow a blog is, of course, totally a personal preference but let's chat about the options.

The above graph breaks down how the followers of The Gauge Wars keep up with what battles are going on here. I can't measure those that just type in The Gauge Wars web address and check it out that way. But setting that aside, the RSS feed includes those following by email and clearly is the preferred method for this blog. 

Here is my break down on each method as a follower:

What about you? What is your preference for following blogs? Or maybe you don't follow but just come visit from link parties? 

I think following blogs you like is important. It helps to build a relationship between blogger and reader. And it motivates the blogger to keep blogging. It is encouraging to write when you know people are reading.

Thank you to those who follow The Gauge Wars!