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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hearts Knit Together #8: Holiday Crafts

Since I am playing catch up on the blog I can just clump all the holiday crafting with children together into one Hearts Knit Together post. Joel and I made a deal with the pumpkin. I did all the cleaning of the pumpkin guts and he carved it with the children. I got the better part of that deal because it is hard to use sharp knives with little fingers dancing around. But I love this photo of the three of them together. If Joel is home he is usually the photographer so it is fun to have him in pictures.

We made some new decorations this year for Christmas thanks to pinterest. My 11 year old didn't want to join in the fun but the younger three loved making these snowflakes from craft sticks. This was their first experience with spray paint and they were mighty fascinated with it but disappointed that I did all the spray painting. I just didn't feel like I could trust them yet...

My little six year old made a new Nativity set for us this year. Unfortunately it didn't survive the season. I told her next year we would get some real clay to make one that would be more permanent. But I was still SUPER excited about how well she made this one out of playdoh. You can recognize the purple Jesus in the manger. The turquoise people laying down are Mary and Joseph and I think the yellow blob is the star. My favorite parts are the sheep and cow. Seriously so impressed with Maeve's ability.

What creative things have you been doing with your children lately? Please share in the comments section. I am always looking for new ideas....

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