Work in Progress: Milo Vest

It has been six months since I last posted. It isn't that I am any less busy now. It is just that I have been stopped in my shoes and forced to slow down to a snail's pace.

You see I broke my collar bone on Saturday. Again. For the fourth time. Once as a 6 year old when I was pushed down by a neighbor boy. Once 11 years ago when I was pushed down by a guy in a coed soccer game. Once 3.5 MONTHS AGO when I tripped while out on a run, just a few short weeks after I finished my first marathon. And now for the 4th time I have broken it the exact same way. I tripped while on a run, training for my first trail half marathon in 4 weeks. My doctor gave me a prescription for painkillers and told me to get a treadmill. Funny lady she is.

Anyway last time I kept knitting through the break because, dang I had a lot of Christmas knitting to do. But it took me 8 weeks to completely heal. This time I REALLY want to heal faster so I am hanging up the knitting needles for as long as I can. It turns out I am not a very happy person to live with when you take away my running and knitting. Borderline depression happening here. Luckily I can slip into my drug induced stupor to save myself from myself.

And I get to catch up a little on the blog.

On my needles: Milo in Vintage DK Berroco colorway: Cerulean for my little Roman. I am making the cable from the original pattern but was sorely tempted by the owl cable.

Other than Pinterest, Facebook, and dreaming of running and knitting, I am recuperating by reading Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush and The Curious Knitter's Guide by Mason-Dixon Knitting. I totally want to try the heelless sleeping socks in Nancy's book. The Mason-Dixon duo is entertaining. I haven't found anything I am dying to knit in their book yet. 

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