Work in Progress: Multnomah Shawl

I have been wanting more time to knit. I didn't necessarily want that time to come while sitting in the doctor's office with a sick boy. Guess I should watch what I wish for.

We left dear husband in Utah working on a pioneer film. The day after we left he called to say he had strep throat. The was nine days ago. Jude got it today...let the madness begin. One down, three more children to go. Just as school started today. Perfect.

I have spent all week planning two important meetings for work tomorrow only to have to completely dump one of them on my new co-worker and cancel the other one. Frustrating but now I get to stay home all day tomorrow. I want to spend the day knitting, I should spend the day unpacking boxes, I will probably spend the day cuddling with Jude. But please, please don't let me get strep...

Pattern: Multnomah  
Yarn: Malabrigo Indiecita sock weight

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