I'll be back!

"You can do anything, but you cannot do everything"
(-somewhere on pinterest)

I saw this quote on pinterest the other day while I was on my phone in the...well you don't really want to know where I was sitting using my phone.  But the quote was for me. I have always thought that people will find the time to do the things they want to do. For a long time I believed this. I don't anymore. 

It is true up to the point where you overschedule yourself and your time no longer belongs to you. That is where I am at right now. I cannot complain. I am the one that has the problem saying no. I really like to knit and I really like keeping this blog. But both of those activities are being set aside because I have other commitments that I am "forced" to keep. 

It isn't forever though. Don't tell my husband, but I plan to retire next summer. Okay not really retire, I am only 30 something?, but I am taking a sabbatical from working outside the home. My job is grant funded and that grant ends next summer. My children need me at home. All of my kiddos could be in school in three years. I want to be home with them. So with that goal in mind I picked up another day at work. The extra money will come in handy paying off my student loans and building up our savings so I can be unemployed. But the extra work leaves very little free time. 

And what free time is left is taken up by being the PTA president (truly I only signed up so my child's transfer request would be approved!) and now by a new assignment at church working with the youth group. Oh and well those four children I have too. And this silly marathon I signed up for.

You may be seeing where this post is going. I have great plans for this blog and many ideas floating in my head of future posts. But I can't promise anything right now. Something had to give. Sadly it appears to be the things I did just for me. But there is a greater purpose behind it. And it is only temporary. 

As Arnold Schwarzenegger would say, "I'll be back!"