Hearts Knit Together #7: Snickerdoodles

You can read more about Hearts Knit Together here. If you have been doing something creative with children, post about it, and share your link in the comments section so I can see!

I am home from our long vacation but life is now unbelievably hectic with no real end in sight (while in 10 months it should slow down but I can't see the light at the end of that tunnel yet.) I love blogging so I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and be blogging Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We will see if I can make the time for it.

Here is a previous creative-ish time with my children from our vacation. I have fond memories of making sugar cookies every holiday with my mother. She is amazing. I even got a box of homemade sugar cookies for every holiday in college. I was the most popular girl on my dorm floor when I got to hand out pumpkin shaped cookies, then Santa shaped, then heart shaped. My mom is the best! 

Unfortunately I am not. Sugar cookies are so much work! My favorite cookies to make with my kids are snickerdoodles. They love rolling them in the cinnamon sugar mixture and they are quick and easy. These were even made from a Krusteaz mix. Super easy. When we are home we usually use the recipe from my Mrs. Fields Cookie Cookbook (best wedding gift ever!). It is similar to this. Very tasty. 

Have you been doing anything creative with your children? Please share!

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