Hearts Knit Together #6: Embroidery with children

I am still on vacation but have a few minutes to share a past creative activity with my children. You can read more about Hearts Knit Together here. If you have been doing something creative with children, post about it, and share your link here in the comments section so I can see!

My husband embroidered this amazing piece of work for the back of my son's baby quilt. Isn't it so cute? I love it. It is his own original design. He is very talented!

He really should be the one teaching my children to embroider but it fell to me. Here is my little Jude practicing his stitches. I didn't teach him any stitches I just gave him a needle and thread and let him go at it. It kept him busy for awhile. He was very proud of himself.

My two daughters I started with the running stitch. Little Maeve worked hard on practicing the running stitch just in a random way. Adelle moved on to the back stitch and started making her own pictures. They really enjoyed the activity. Maeve even picked out a bag of embroidery thread, hoop, and needle as her "toy" during our recent trip to Savers. She hasn't done anything with it but I was impressed that she picked it out. I think if we had not left on vacation right after this activity the girls would have stuck with it longer. We will need to have a refresher lesson when we return. You can create so many amazing things with embroidery. I recently went to an art exhibit where I saw some amazing embroidery work on quilts. Pictures to come soon...

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