Scrap Quilt

We are moving this weekend so I had to take down my design wall. That gave me the perfect excuse to sew instead of pack boxes. "I am sorry Honey, I need to sew all these blocks together before I can pack this room..."

It is an interesting mix of fabrics. This quilt is for me and I chose colors and fabrics that I like. It makes me happy to look at it even if the fabrics don't all really work together. Many of them came from other projects I have sewn or from the fabric stash I received when my grandmother was no longer able to sew,  so they have special meaning to me. I got a box of fabric from Grandma Dahle full of fabrics that she had made dresses out of. Such a treat for me!

I picked up some more audio books at the library this week for my commute. The selection was limited  so I went back to my favorites, Jane Austen. I love her writings. I have read them all several times. These two are my favorite, Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice. Do you have a favorite Jane Austen book?

Here are more fun fabrics to show off. 

And 2 of my favorites with my little helper. It is a very simple design. I am going to add a few more rows once we get settled in our new place then do some fun quilting on it. 

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