Needle and ThREAD: Knitting Needle Case

This is my attempt to sew a circular knitting needle case today. I think that these two place mats are going to work amazingly if I can ever get the thing together. My children are much less interested in me if I am sitting on the couch knitting then if I am sitting at my sewing machine. They want to touch everything, push the buttons, and be as close to me as possible!
Here is the little one that was really slowing me down today. 
But he was so happy as he was messing with everything. During his nap time I try to get more homeschooling done with my kindergartener so I can't use that time to sew. Anyone have suggestions for how to keep little hands busy while you sew? 

I am finishing up reading All Wound Up pretty quickly. I started this week A Heart Like His. I was inspired looking at the book choices of others participating in needle and thREAD to choose more meaningful/purposeful books. I have been feeling spiritually empty lately so I needed to add something to my daily scripture reading. This book has been helpful as it shares ways we can feel the Lord's love in our life more and then share it with others. 

needle and thREAD

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