Finished Object: Aviatrix hat for American Cancer Society

Has cancer affected your life? Are you a survivor or is one of your loved ones? Have you lost someone you love to cancer? I have. That is one reason I am participating in American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

Our relay team is putting together a basket for a silent auction to raise money at the event. This aviatrix hat is my contribution to our basket. I thought I would add a flower to it. But I found this cute pig button so that might be enough. I hope someone will love it enough to donate a lot of money to cancer research to have our pink and black baby themed basket. Personally I have almost hit my fundraising goal. I am only $35 short. If your life has been affected by cancer and you would like to donate please visit my relay page to do so. Thanks so much!

Don't worry, this will be my last plug for cancer research donations. :)

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