Knitting Project Bag Tutorial

This is a pretty basic tutorial for a bag with a bottom. You can make adjustments on size easily.

Materials Needed: 
nylon fabric
cording for drawstring
plastic cord stopper/drawstring lock

STEP 1: Cut 2 nylon squares to the size you want the bag plus two inches. 
I started with two 8 inch by 10 inch rectangles. 

STEP 2: Match the rectangles with WRONG sides together (if there is a wrong side).We are going to do a french seam to prevent any raw edges from being present inside the bag. Nylon frays badly and I wanted to avoid that. 
STEP 3: Sew a 1/4 inch seam around three sides of the bag. 

STEP 4: Turn the bag inside out so RIGHT sides are together. Sew a 3/8 inch seam around those three sides. You will enclose the first seam in this second seam. 

This is what your bag should look like now. This is a view of the inside of the bag. No fraying!

STEP 5: This is for the drawstring casing. On the one raw edge left, fold it down 1/4 inch and sew just along the edge.

STEP 6: Fold that side down again 1/2 inch and sew along that same seam. Make sure to leave a little spot open for the drawstring. I did this on one of the corners where the side seam is. You could stop here if you didn't want a bottom for the bag. Attach a safety pin to the cording and thread it through the casing you made. Attach the cord stopper and you are done. 

STEP 7: If you want a bottom on the bag turn the bag inside out. Take the fabric at the bottom and fold it like this picture so you can sew a straight line across it. It is a little tricky to get a straight, even line on both sides. I had to unpick it a few times but I think it is worth it to have the bag stand up on its own. 

Here is what the bottom of the bag should look like after sewing both corners. 

Turn the bag right side out and it should look like this. 

And here it is standing up on its own. 

Attach a safety pin to your cording and thread it through the hole you left in the casing. Attach the cord stopper and insert your next knitting project!

A lighter is handy to singe any stray nylon thread that may escape the hole in the casing and the ends of the cording. My cording turned out not to be nylon like I thought I purchased so I couldn't singe the ends to keep them from unraveling. I dipped them in wax and that has worked so far. 

Pretty good project bag for less than $5! 
Contact me if you have any questions.
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