Finished Object Friday-- Knitting project bag

First off-- look at my adorable little boy pretending to knit! This is why I used circular needles versus straight, much harder for him to pull stitches off. Plus straight needles are always turned into swords by my boys. I want them to grow up with both eyes so straight needles are rarely seen in my home. 
Here is my finished object this Friday. I was desperate for a project bag since my yarn is constantly getting tangled with everything in my purse when I just throw the project in there. I got the idea from here and adapted it to my needs. 
I had to rip back my pull-over to cast off more stitches to make it fit someone other than Beetlejuice with his shrunken head. It will now fit over my boy's head so I feel more comfortable sending it to Africa. 
The bag is holding a large ball of worsted weight yarn and the above pull-over. 
And I tried my hand at a little hand embroidery. I have not done it in several years (since I had a great idea to make my husband a queen size crazy quilt--I feel bad taking on another hand embroidery project when that beast of a project is staring at me--what was I thinking?!) But this was a quick little stitching project after the children were in bed. I am definitely a little rusty but I like it. 

See more finished objects at Tami's (who by the way is really making me want to dye yarn with her new Life As An Indie Dyer series. Check it out. )
and here.

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