3KCBWDAY4 A Knitter for all Seasons

Knit and Crochet Blog Week Day 4 
Topic of the Day: A knitter for all seasons?

Once upon a time...

There was a girl who decided to crochet winter hats for all her nieces, nephews, and children for Christmas. Okay she was not really a little girl since she had three children of her own but in terms of her abilities in the fiber arts she was still a young child. All together she had 8 hats to make. That girl was overambitious and not always very smart.

So there she was sitting at the park with her homeschool group in Southern California, in July, crocheting winter hats so she could get them all finished in time. You see she had to start in July because she works very slowly. And yes people sitting with her teased her about making winter hats in 90+ degree weather.

But the important thing is that she DID finish all those hats in time.
(one daughter refused to be in the photo and the other refused to wear the hat. can't remember why the babies are hatless for the photo.)

Fast forward a few years. That girl has become a teenager in her yarn life. And like any other teenager she is fickle and moody. She dumped crochet and started dating knitting. And she never looked back. But that is a story for another day. She argues with patterns about gauge and has been known to throw projects across the room in anger.

One thing has not changed. She still knits really slow and thus is a woollie knitter in all seasons, in order to have enough in the cold months. She was once spotted knitting wool socks on a Texas summer day sitting next to the swimming pool. She is maturing in her craft, learning such things as intarsia and cables. Her and knitting are getting pretty serious. Rumor has it they are planning on living happily ever after. 

The End

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