Stitch Markers

Recently I have been admiring all the fun stitch markers online. But I have a hard time spending money on anything but yarn and needles when it comes to knitting. I have a limited amount of discretionary income for this hobby/obsession and those two things are the most worthwhile. But I really wanted some fancy stitch markers!

I have some excellent beaders in the family and lucky for me one of them came to visit, my sister Michelle. After a trip to Hobby Lobby she made these cute stitch markers for me! We bought the adorable owls at Hobby Lobby but all the beads came from her stash. (you wouldn't have to find so many hiding places for a beader's stash as for a knitters.) The heart shaped pendant and the opal looking one came from my mother in law-- either a thrift store, garage sale, or her jewelry box. I can't remember which but she is quite the bargain hunter.

Anyway they make me happy when I am knitting. It is the simple things in life-- thanks sis!