Papier Mache Eggs

My daughter had a friend over this week and I introduced her to papier mache. I mean really what elementary school student has not used papier mache in art class?! By the time I was their age I had already made a life size Koala bear with papier mache. True story.

Anyway we made eggs for Easter. I found the idea here. She used embroidery thread but I used old acrylic yarn that I purchased before I became a wool yarn snob. Once the kids got use to the idea of being gooey, they seemed pretty happy with their work. After they were dry, my daughter did the stringing and hanging by herself. I think the end result turned out well. An early Easter decoration.
If you are interested here is what I did:
1. blow up balloon
2. mixed equal parts of flour and water (1 cup of each worked for us). Add a few squirts of glue.
3. Wind a little skein of yarn and dip it into the flour/water mixture.
4. Wrap it around the ball smoothing off the excess paste.

5. Hang them out to dry.
6. When dried, gentle pop the balloon (ours took over night to dry). You may have to pick off some dry paste depending on how much you smoothed off.
7. Put them out for everyone to see!