So I have never really participated in online groups with strangers before. I mean I am on Facebook and have been a part of yahoo groups in the past but always with people I knew in really life, even my Ravelry groups are local knitters (though I have yet to make it to a one of the knitting groups). So it is out of character that I just joined this Iknitarod group on Ravelry. My obsession of knitting is making me step out of my comfort zone to find other like minded people! But I am super excited about it. 

So the Iditarod started today in Anchorage. I am following Ryne Olsen. She is young and cute with probably a really small chance of winning but I like going for the underdog. And while she is racing to Nome I will be racing to finish this. Winners (those who finish their project in time) of the Iknitarod will get to enter a drawing for a prize package. That is good  incentive for me. I have until the red lantern (the last musher) reaches Nome. The longest time was 32 days but the average is 14 days. So I need to go cast on. 

I grew up in Alaska (I am not however an Alaskan Native-- though I did list that on some college applications -- 1. because I am dumb and thought because I was born there I could be considered that and 2. I thought I might get more scholarships. I didn't.) I remember watching the ceremonial start of the Iditarod race in Anchorage as a child. I am excited to be following the race again with my children via the internet.