Don't you knit at basketball games?!

Last might we took the little monkeys to the last KU women's basketball game of the season. I will call it a success since DH only had to save the baby's life once, catching him right before he cracked his head open on the bleachers.

Unfortunately I think we are bad luck. All three games we went to this season, Kansas lost. In fact I think they have lost every game we have gone to in the last three seasons and they are not a bad team, so it must be us!

I am making progress on the Neapolitan socks. It is amazing how much faster it goes with 20 less stitches! I am on to the heel which is always exciting to do something other than knitting around and around.

BTW I only knit during the silly dog half time show and time outs. It was too exciting of a game. The girls blew it in the last 30 seconds.