Childrens Outdoor Bill of Rights

Having a great time at the cabin. Listening to my children ask really funny questions.

5 year old daughter- "if I don't eat anything all day, do I still have to brush my teeth at night?"

3 year old son- "Can I take off my clothes and jump in this big puddle?"

So funny. They are having a great time. Easiest camping ever!

On our cabin wall is a framed copy of the Kansas Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights (I never knew there was one but it is pretty good).

Every child should have the opportunity to:

1. Walk in the footsteps of Kansas history.

2. Access a natural environment.

3. Camp under the stars.

4. Explore nature.

5. Learn to swim.

6. Play on a team.

7. Follow a trail.

8. Participate in the shooting sports.

9. Catch fish and harvest game.

10. Play in a safe environment.

My children are getting half of these this week. And I am getting some knitting time. Perfect.